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Social Media Optimization                     

Social Media Optimization, Social Marketing Optimization ( SMO ) or Social Media Marketing ( SMM ) are the methodologies where you utilize social media activities with the primary intent of attracting visitors to your web site.  SMO works hand in hand with search engine optimization ( SEO ) and is related to Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ).

While related to Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization differs in several ways, primarily because the focus is on driving traffic from sources other than those of the search engines.  Social media features can be added your content by using RSS feeds, sharing buttons, user ratings and polling tools.  You may also incorporate third-party community functions like images and/or videos.  Promotional activities such as blogging, commenting on other peoples blogs, participating in discussion groups and posting status updates on your social networking profiles are other ways you can  optimize your Social Standing.  Social Media Optimization is also considered to be an integral part of your Online Reputation Management ( ORM ) or Search Engine Reputation Management ( SERM ) strategy for any organization or individual that is concerned with maintaining a positive accent on their online presence.

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