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Q.  What is different about your service compared to all the other SEO service companies available on the web?

A.  We take pride and care in getting your web site to rank well and we do what it takes to get you there.  Our staff has many years of experience and knows what they are doing.  We have found that the right kind of traffic is actually more important than rank, since rank does not directly bring in customers.

Q.  With what type of sites can I expect to reciprocate links?

A.  We look for only relevant and complimentary links that will benefit your site.  Hooking up with the wrong type of sites can not only be a waste of time and money, it can hurt your ranking.

Q. Do you guarantee results?

A.  There are many different factors that can have impact on your search engine ranks, such as the format of your website, ability to customize tags and so on. Search engine algorithms change regularly and are out of our control. We do our best to meet the customers expectations.  Because of these factors, we can not guarantee all of our results.   We do, however, sit down with you to discuss your expectations.  If those expectations are reasonable, we will, on a case by case basis,  guarantee very specific results.  In fact, if you come across other SEO companies that fully guarantee all results,  be sure to investigate them thoroughly. 


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